Repetition of shape and relational experimentation with color, size and quantity are key aspects of the compositional development of my work-- paintings and drawings, mostly, and some collages-- even though the original motivation may vary.  My paintings are geometrically structured, but in an improvisational way.  Influences range from the small scale of the intimate repetitive processes required in the hand work and patterning of textiles, needlework, and quilts, to the broader collections of forms, spaces and shapes found in architecure and interiors, and to the wider scope of environments seen aerially and through mapping.  But I also like to abandon those parameters, allowing intuition/stream of consciousness to play a part. I work to find a rhythm within these contradictions.  The potential for multiple interpretations, personal responses, and open ended-ness attracts me to working abstractly.  As the pieces develop, elements come and go, false starts and missteps occur, leading to loss and letting go, mending and patching, accumulating and burying.  Optimistically this approach leads to paintings and images that are accessible and democratic, where unexpected combinations and relationships exist openly and supportively.
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